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About Us

Springfield Camira Men's Shed

Our Committee, Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Committee 2023/2024

Bob Bell


William A. Honeyman

Fund Raising Coordinator

Bob Stapleton


Geoff Weatherstone

Membership Officer

Jeff Hoskin

Shed Coordinators

Terry Parkes 

Tony Flowers

Lyndon Mathews

Asset Manager

​Bron Van Der Beek

Health & Safety Officer

Jeff Hoskin

Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

To provide a men’s shed that gives a strong sense of belonging and satisfaction to its members and value to its surrounding community.

Our Mission 

Deliver a service to the community of Greater Springfield and Camira by offering a place for men to interact and share their knowledge and skills with like-minded individuals.


Our Objectives 

  • Provide members with the support, space, tools, equipment and supplies to undertake the activities or conversations they wish to be involved in.

  • Deliver community-focused projects utilising the skills of its members, the facilities and equipment of the shed and the supplies necessary to complete the project.

  • Provide a safe environment where the men of Greater Springfield and Camira area can gain a sense of purpose, joy and/or satisfaction from interacting with like-minded individuals.

  • Ensure the shed is sustainable, in terms of funding sources, expenditure management, governance, member growth, physical environment, skills transfer and safety management.

  • Provide activities, training and knowledge-sharing opportunities that meet the wants and needs of members both on site and at external locations.

  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with other community and charity organisations in the area, where there would be mutual benefit and a higher level of outcome to the greater community from an injection of the men’s shed members’ skills.

  • Open sharing of skills and knowledge between the members of the men’s shed.

  • Work with Businesses, Federal, State and Local Governments to ensure that where possible, the combined resources of the men’s shed are focused on undertakings that deliver the greatest member and/or community benefit.

  • Promote an environment of good physical and mental health that welcomes open communication and invites in professionals on a regular basis to discuss men’s physical and mental health.

  • Provide a comfortable and interesting place for displaced male partners/husbands or widowers to hang out, while partners/wives or family enjoy their own pursuits.  

  • Develop a community garden that not only meets the needs of members, but extends to those in need of a shared gardened area.

  • Cultivate enough produce to meet members’ needs and deliver an added income to support the garden and other community-based projects.

  • Make full use of the equipment, space and facilities available to us.

  • Position and maintain Springfield Camira Men’s Shed inc as a trusted and valued brand that delivers on its vision and goals, to its Membership, the Community, Businesses and Government partners.

  • Act with integrity and compassion in all dealings.

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