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170 menu boards manufactured for Ballistic Springfield, Brewery Bar & Kitchen

Welcoming new business to the Greater Springfield area and making use of the skills available at the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed Inc is always something that is going to interest our shed.

There was a time that most of us at the men shed would remember when there was limited choices of beer in Queensland and the majority of the Queensland population only drank beers brewed in Queensland. In those days home brewing was done under the house and was generally rough and ready to put it mildly.

How times have changed. The beers on offer in bottle shops and pubs just keeps increasing, and the micro brewers, with their high quality products, are challenging main stream breweries.

Springfield Camira Men’s Shed Inc recently got a call from an established micro brewery in the Brisbane area, who was opening a new facility in Greater Springfield, Ballistic Springfield, Brewery Bar & Kitchen. They had previously used another Men’s Shed in Brisbane for their menu boards for one of their other breweries and were hoping to do the same in Greater Springfield area. One hundred and seventy menu boards were required to be manufactured and they had to be delivered prior to opening day. The other option available to the owner was to source the boards overseas, something he did not want to do.

After a little bit of discussion at the shed, we decided to take on the project.

Given the number of boards required, the project did bring a few challenges, but the guys at the shed worked together to resolve them. There were also a few extra shed days for the project team to ensure our commitment to the delivery day was met.

Projects like this are very important to the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed Inc as it allows a good cross section of our members to get involved. It brings a sense of pride in the delivered items, it helps to get our name out and about and it helps fund our shed through the donation the shed receives from the customer.

Thank you to the Ballistic Springfield, Brewery Bar & Kitchen for giving us this opportunity, welcome to the Greater Springfield area and we hope you and your customers get lots of use out of the menu boards.

If you or your business has a project you think the men’s shed might be able to help you with or if you are looking for some menu boards please contact us.

Springfield Camira Men’s Shed Inc is always keen to show off its shed to potential members. If you would like to do something different on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays please feel free to visit us between 8.30 am and 1 pm at 389 Old Logan Rd Camira 4300 or email us at


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