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Challenged by our own popularity and amazed but others skills

The Springfield Camira Men’s Shed is on the move. We have been advised by the State Government that a parcel of land in Nev Smith Drive, Springfield will be made available for lease to the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed for the development of a future men’s shed complex.

It is the goal of the Springfield Camira Men’s Shed to have the facilities available to support the Greater Springfield Camira area and provide the services that meet the needs of both our current and future membership.

With the Greater Springfield area being one of the fastest growing areas in South East Queensland, it is important that we have adequate services available for all of the community and the Men’s Shed forms an important part of this community infrastructure in the roles it undertakes and the support it provides.

One of the great pleasures I get from being President of the Men’s Shed is meeting other community or business groups and getting a better understanding of the role each of us play is making The Greater Springfield and Camira area such a good place to live.

The Men’s continues to look for new opportunities for our members to enhance their skills and this month it was all about being both creative and patient at the same time as we learned how to make the best use of the scroll saw.

For those of us who have spent our lives ripping through wood with bench saws, circle saws, band saws and chainsaws, it is a whole new world and we were extremely thankful that Alan Rotteveel from Grumpy Old Men took the time to share his knowledge and skills in regard to the use of scroll saws.


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